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Nomad offers unique tours of Montenegro where you can explore the country without haste. 

Experience the cultural and historical flavour of the country – taste the outdoors, soak in the sights, savour the homemade food and meet with the friendly locals who will create the true essence of your travels. 

Take a journey with our Nomads who will guide you through the wild beauty of Montenegro, its stories, legends and diverse landscape. 

Hand-crafted excursions?

 Your Nomad Home

Stay in luxury, boutique hotels and ethno villages to experience Montenegrin hospitality at its core; indulge in homemade, organic food that will make your taste buds tingle and toast a drink with the friendly locals. For more click  here


Our guides know Montenegro like the back of their hand – they’re a charismatic bunch that help create groups of travel companions, with laughter and positive vibes as key to their crafting of a genuine and rustic experience of the Montenegrin wilderness.  For more click here

 Getting Around 

We’ll bring you closer to nature and Montenegro’s hidden gems in the comfort of our unique travel bus that can take you down the coast, off-road and uncover new terrains.  For more click here

 The Great Outdoors

Be it rafting along the beautiful river Tara, horseback riding through the rolling hills or hiking in the National Parks, there’s something for everyone. Adrenaline seekers – prepare for paragliding and other extreme trips. For more click here

Hedonism on a Plate

Devour the diverse local cuisine; a special concoction of cultural influences have left their mark on Montenegrin gastronomy, combining Mediterranean specialties with traditional local recipes. Keep it simple – you can even pick fruit and veggies fresh from the source! For more click  here

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