Welcome To Nomad Tours Montenegro



Sinisa Kovacev - CEO


To be a nomad is a way of life – the difference between a tourist and a traveller, becoming friendly with the locals, a means of experiencing a destination first-hand with all of your senses at your disposal, rather than through a camera lense, but with a map in your hands. 


Free time has become a luxury in today’s world - becoming a nomad is about choosing to use this time wisely and creating opportunities to experience the true beauty and nature of a destination.


I chose to switch my desk job for the more creative role of discovery with Nomad – while sketching maps to divulge every hidden corner of Montenegro, I realised my true passion for travel and swapped my briefcase, suit and tie for a pair of binoculars and hiking boots. My office is now the open air of Montenegro and my dinner breaks consist of winery tours along the coast and organic food – more idyllic than I could ever have imagined.
Nomad is more than just a day job – I like to see it as an open invite to the adventures that Montenegro has to offer.


Siniša Kovačev

Nomad visionary

Let’s meet the team of Nomaguides... :)

Pavle Paskovic


Pavle, our lead tour guide, is a personality to remember. If there’s a tree to be climbed or a cliff made for jumping, he’ll be there. He’s distinguished by his gigantean height and the infectious sound of his laughter. Having travelled around Europe in search for adventure, he made it his life goal to help others fall in love with travel. Pavle finds salvation in the shade of a tree with a beer, in true Montenegrin style. 


Ivan Mitrovski 


Known as Barbarossa, Ivan does an amazing job of bringing Montenegro to life for his Nomads. If you’re a gastro-Nomad, Ivan can talk you through the local delicacies and Grandma’s secret recipes. He’s a walking-talking map of all the hidden caves, fortresses and churches, from the breathtaking mountain tops to the gorgeous Boka Bay. He may even serenade you with the sweet tones of his guitar!

Boris Stijepovic


Our resident mountain-Nomad, born in the forest capital of Durmitor, Boris is deeply connected with the outdoors. He’s an expert in adventure sports - climbing, mountaineering, paragliding, mountain biking, skiing - you name it, he can coach you. He uses his imagination to talk you through the folklore and traditions of Montenegro. Not just an adventurer, Boris is a real-life hero and active member of the Mountain Rescue Team.


Vanja Pavlovic


Vanja has a very special set of skills – he uses his passion for history to educate Nomads on all aspects of Montenegrin days gone by – he may even do it while wearing a suit of armour! Naturally, his hobbies are more in line with those of a 14th-century nobleman than a 21st-century Montenegrin and this is experience of horse riding, fencing, jousting, archery, preparing medieval food and wine and food – you name it. 

Drazen Braticevic


Drazen, our alpinist, specialises in the great outdoors. Name any lake, mountain, village or hamlet – you can be sure he’s visited it – twice. While focusing on hiking, thematic and city tours, he always returns to his hometown of Cetinje to recharge on Montenegrin tradition, before returning to Nomad life. With roots in the Old Royal Capital, you can be sure that he’s an authentic storyteller revealing the secrets of true Montenegro.