Welcome To Nomad Tours Montenegro

What sets us from the crowd?


Your Nomad Home


Family operated hotels and luxury guesthouses will be your Montenegrin home on your Nomad adventure. Get firsthand experience of Montenegro’s traditional hospitality and taste organic local delicacies in the company of friendly locals – gather around an open campfire and learn tales of Montenegrin folklore – become part of the Nomad family. 


True Nomads

Our team are more than just tour guides – their personalities, experience and local wisdom surface to produce truly personalised excursions and most importantly, our Nomaguides will treat you as friends. We hand selected the best of the bunch in order to ensure an unforgettable experience of our beautiful country that will find a place in your heart and be engraved in your memory. 



Vans for Adventures


Hop aboard our unique travel bus that caters to off-road excursions bringing you face-to-face with the great outdoors. Our Nomad vans guarantee absolute comfort taking you away from the asphalt to reveal Montenegro’s hidden gems and undiscovered hotspots.


A Mixed Bag of Activities


Feel the full Monte - challenge yourself to a rafting session down the beautiful river Tara; hop on horseback and canter through the wilderness; wind down with a mellow kayaking trip; hike or bike through the National Parks; or dare to paraglide from the mountains to the pebbled shores. 


From the Garden to the Plate


What really distinguishes Montenegro’s local gastronomy is the practice of organic dining. The cuisine is a rich cultural mix of continental and Mediterranean flavours. Our Nomads recommend a platter of prsuta (prosciutto) and priganice (homemade doughnut treats) with honey or cheese – traditional delicacies for starters. 


Keep it simple with a mouth-watering main dish of lamb under sac (slow-roasted and tender) with fluffy potatoes or the infamous kacamak (pronounced ka-cha-mak), a hearty mix of potatoes, flour, cornmeal and local cheese. If you’re on the coast, choose classics such as fish soup, carpaccio or the grilled catch of the day with a garlic and herb marinade. 


For dessert, take your pick of the fresh fruit from the trees or try the krempita – a pastry with sweet cream and vanilla filling – light yet satisfying!

We are ready and so is the adventure, join us!