Welcome To Nomad Tours Montenegro

Work for the Nomad

In case you are interested to work for the Nomad please contact us. 



We are looking for the following positions:


Tourist Guide – Driver


If you are a friendly, forthcoming, a team player with a cheerful attitude, and working for the Nomad sounds like a brilliant idea, 

then please contact us and send your CV and a motivation letter. 


For the next year (2019) please contact us only if you have the D1 driving license (or you are in the process of obtaining one) 



About the Nomad


Nomad tours is a travel agency whose concept of working is a combination of: adventure,  tourism, gastronomy and cultural landmarks . The goal of our tour is that during the 7 days you get to know the cultural and historical heritage, see the splendid nature, and experience the gastronomy and hospitality of the Montenegrin people. Our groups will be small (up to 12 people) but they offer an unforgettable adventure and above all, tons of fun. 



Roles and obligations


Our goal is to offer our guests an unforgettable experience! Because of this we expect from our guides the maximum amount of dedication and knowledge. In turn we will offer you a considerable amount of time for your education. It is not easy to be away from family and friends for 7 days and be concentrated on the tour.  But in return you will get beautiful moments,  meet extraordinary  people from all over the world, and to be clear, you won't just do this for the love of it, the pay is also good.





- Daily preparation of the Nomad van (Nomadobil) for the journey 

- Control of cleanness, checking the equipment for cleaning, the first aid kit, tools 

- Mechanical checking of the Nomadobil – check list to see if all works (lights, blinkers, stop light etc…)

- Addressing the guests and making sure they are ready and comfortable for the journey 

- Taking care of the Nomadobil, the sidecar and the tools and equipment

- Great knowledge about Montenegro, its culture history, geography and heritage 



On tour


- Greeting the guests and bringing the luggage each morning

- Providing information about the tour to the guests 

- Organizing activities such as: barbecue know how, tracking, bringing the guest to the activity, local guides

- Driving

- Checking the accommodation of our guests, if they are conformable and content



After the Tour


- Cleaning the Nomadobil inside and outside

- Maintenance of the Nomadobil


Other obligations may depend on the season and weather conditions






- Driving license D1 category 

- Tour guide license is not obligatory, but you must have great knowledge of in the touristic and historical area and be prepared to be tested.

- Above all, it is important to have a cheerful attitude, to be friendly, hardworking, responsible and a team player. You are one of the key factors of our tour and it is on your shoulders to make it an unforgettable memory for our guests!

- Must know at least one foreign language,  English is a must but other languages are welcome.


If you find yourself in all this, please don’t hesitate to contact us at: [email protected]