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The roots of Montenegro

Nomad takes you to the cradle of Montenegrin civilisation, the Old Royal Capital of Cetinje – take a stroll through the proud city and learn its surprising historical heritage. Find out the origins of the nickname "Valley of the Gods” situated in the midst of inaccessible peaks. Breathe in the fresh mountain air of the village of Njegusi, home to indigenous Montenegrin cheese and prosciutto, before continuing down the serpentine road to the old Venetian town of Kotor, with spectacular views of the Bay along the way.


Explore the narrow cobbled streets and appreciate the antique façades, year-old chapels and polished piazzas. Pass by the Karampana, the town’s old water well, which is believed to hold the town’s gossip within. Stop by the daily al fresco market to stock up on organic local produce. Learn Kotor’s nautical heritage and visit the famous cathedral of St. Tripun, the protector of the city. By night, the rock face alights to reveal the ancient city walls and fortress of San Giovanni.


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This quaint town a brim with cafés, parks and museums is located at the foot of Mount Lovcen. It’s pastel facades and blooming Linden trees hide behind the towns surprising historical heritage – home to the Petrovic dynasty, the family’s heritage is preserved in the palace of Biljarda, once the royal residence and now an impressive museum reflecting Montenegrin identity. 



Ascend to the mountain village of Njegusi, birthplace of the Petrovic dynasty and memorial of Montenegrin pride. As well as the stunning natural beauty and fresh mountain air, Njegusi is famous for its local delicacies of homemade prosciutto and cheese, authentic contributions to Montenegrin gastronomy. All of this is washed down with a local alcoholic drink, rakija, which is considered as a drink served best amongst friends. 



A winding road that takes 16 hairpin turns, one of the most famous in the world, the Serpentine twists and turns down Mount Lovcen to transport you from the mountain peaks to the warmer climates of the Bay of Kotor, positioned at its descent. The unforgettable views stretch beyond the Bay and overlook the sparkling blue Adriatic. Feel the warm coastal air rise as you zig-zag down the mountain into a haven of ancient civilization.



The medieval town of Kotor, nestled between the broody mountains and the shady side of the bay, is embossed by ancient city walls protecting its cultural heritage. The well-preserved, crisscrossed avenues and squares render Kotor a UNESCO listed site, and its architecture is reminiscent of the Venetian empire. 


The Bay of Kotor is deeply engraved into the cliffs of mountain massifs, thanks to the Mediterranean waves – a vast aquarium scattered with coastal towns and unique architectural villages. The Bay is rich in maritime tradition and has a turbulent history, gastronomic identity and a distinguishable local mentality. This angel-shaped bay represents an anchorage of civilization and culture. 

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