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Nomad Grand 7 Day Tour of Montenegro


The Full Monte  7 day tour

We will make a round trip around Montenegro. Discovering all the beautiful natural landmarks such as Skadar lake, Tara Canyon, Black lake, national park Durmitor and Biogradska gora


During our tour you will hear the history and stories of the antique cities such as Kotor, Budva, Stari Bar, Virpazar, Cetinje.


And for our outdoor loving guest there is always the opportunity to take part in activities as rafting, canyon Nevidio passing, horse riding or paragliding above Budva. But also to take your time and relax on the sea during a Boka Bay sailing cruise, but also feel the adrenaline rush during a speedboat drive at the bay.


Taste traditional food from the country, the famous Njeguš cheese and prosciutto, homemade Kačamak, different style of roasted meat and also Mediterranean cuisine found on the coast. Ours is not just a cultural tour it is also a gastronomical one!

Tour Dates 2020

April: 20th, 27th
May: 4th, 11th, 18th, 25th
June: 1st, 8th, 15th, 22nd, 29th
July: 6th, 13th, 20th, 27th
August: 3rd, 10th, 17th, 24th, 31st
September: 7th, 14th, 21st, 28th
October: 5th, 12th, 19th, 26th
November: 2nd, 9th 



Time: 9am CET


Address: Cetinjska 7 The Capital Plaza
(in front of Hotel CentreVille)


Location: Podgorica



Nomad Classic 5 Day Tour


Price 1099


In 5 days see the best of Montenegro. Enjoy beautiful landscapes, eat traditional dishes learn the history and myths. Stay in luxury 4* hotels. 






Nomad Classic 3 Day Northern Tour 


Price 549€


A 3 day tour to discover the “Wild Beauty” of Montenegro. Stay in 4* Hotels or Mountain huts. Enjoy traditional mountain dishes and learn all about mitys of the splendid North.




Nomad Classic 3 Day Southern Tour


Price 749€


In just 3 days you will fall in love with the Southern part of Montenegro. Enjoy the sea and sun. Cruise, swim, smile and relax. Stay in 4 or 5* Hotels while exploring the Cultural heritage of the Adriatic hidden jewel. 



Whats included?

1599€ per person; +250€ for single room
2 Crew Members
12 Passengers max
Adventure Ford van
6 breakfast; 6 dinner
7 days; 6 nights

Departure dates

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Customised Ford van to meet our needs for off-road exploration


Hiking, biking, swimming, rafting, canyoning, paragliding, eating & sleeping 

Travel tips

Don’t worry about being super-outdoorsy – our tours have something to suit everyone

Nomad activities


Get a taste of the action and raft through the wild waters of the Tara River, burrowed at the foot of Europe’s deepest canyon. Follow the lead of our brave-heart Nomads to feel the adrenaline rush of coasting by beautiful waterfalls and cliff sides.




Feel the outdoor adventure scene – hike the trails along the National Parks and appreciate the stunning natural landscape, rich in indigenous flora and fauna. Ancient ruins tell the tales of famous legends and myths of the region – a scene from a fairytale.

Kayak or boat rent



Freedom to explore some of the hidden gems shyly protected by nature via kayak or boat.  





Horseback riding


Hiding in the hills surrounding the capital city of Podgorica is a paradise for horse lovers. Explore the countryside on horseback, canter through well-marked trails, and absorb the picturesque views.




Why stay on the ground when you can fly? Explore Montenegro from a birds eye view. 




Tour of the caves 


From the air to underground, Montenegro is a land of beautiful contrast. Experience the halls filled with stalactites and stalagmites in the heart of Montenegro. 




Thrill-seekers embrace the unusual beauty of Canyon Nevidio - meaning ‘Unseen’. This natural wonder is a narrow canyon hidden deep in the Montenegrin north, its inaccessible terrain preserving its magical beauty

Bike trips



Go uphill through the woodlands and explore the winding paths to exploration and surprise views. 



Sailing cruise 

Feel the wind in your sails and glide through the Verige Channel to discover the iconic islets of Our Lady of the Rocks and St George in the heart of the Bay of Kotor. 


ATV Adventure

For those seeking to experience the thrill of a rugged terrain from the comfort of an ATV, we have adventure options available.


Zip Line

Take flight over a deep gorge for truly breathtaking panoramic views of the Đurđevića Tara Bridge and endless green colour of the surrounding forests. 


Archery and medieval battle course

Go back in time with role-play activities, fencing and archery, whilst dressed in knights armour.

nomad-tours-via-ferrataVia Ferrata

Your chance to climb a mountain route equipped with fixed ladders, cables and bridges for easier accessibility. And have it all at the plam of you hand.

Travel Benefits


  • Transportation in our off-road van 

  • Licensed tour guide

  • 7 days on tour

  • 6-nights’ accommodation

  • Traditional breakfast and diners included

  • Boka Bay cruise

  • Speedboat transfer

  • Archery and medieval battle course 

  • Lipa Cave visit

  • Hiking opportunities

  • Adrenalin zip-line at Tara Canyon 

  • Wine Cellar visit to Radevic Estate 

  • Guided city tours

  • Intimate group size

  • Unforgettable memories



  • Skadar Lake ATV Adventure €69 
    (minimum 2pax) 

  • Skadar Lake Speedboat tour €12 (minimum 3pax)

  • Skadar Lake Boat cruise €10 (minimum 5pax)

  • Canyoning at Nevidio €100 (lunch incl.)

  • Via Ferrata Žabljak €50

  • Via Ferrata Kotor €50

  • Skurda Canyon €80

  • Boka Bay Cycling €35 (min 10 guests)

  • Horse riding Podgorica €40 (2h)

  • Horse riding Žabljak €15 (2h)

  • Rafting €40 (lunch inc.)

  • Kayaking €20 (3h)

  • Biking €20 (3h)

  • Paragliding €60 

  • Helicopter ride for 4 people 500€ + tax

Not included


  • Personal expenses

  • Lunches outside of the program


Day 1


Podgorica - Žabljak Crnojevića -Virpazar - Stari Bar - Local Winery


From the new capital we will make our way through the history. We go toward Skadar lake and the old fortress town of Žabljak Crnojevića one of the oldest cities of this region.


Next we take you to discover the old market town of Virpazar, where the whole country in the past came to trade. We leave the central part to go to the sea!

Our destination is Stari Bar, an antique town that found its place on the cliff 4km away from the sea! Close to the city is also the oldest tree that is the keeper of peace and history for more than 2200 years!


Before returning to the hotel we take you to taste the finest family made wine of Montenegro to finish the day in the best way.

Day 2


Podgorica - Ostrog Monastery - Nikšić – Žabljak


We make our way to the mountains. Our first stop is the most important pilgrim sight, the Ostrog Monastery.


We take a walk from the Lower Monastery to the upper one that was built in the 17th Century directly into the vertical cliff face.

Leaving the monastery behind we pass by the town on Nikšić and make a break by the Zeta river. And then it is time to feel like Don Quixote, we are visiting the Montenegro's wind farms at Krnovo hill.


As the last stop of the day we have the Black lake in Žabljak, a nice hike to end the day.

Day 3




Day spent around the national park Durmitor. We offer you different options to spend the day! Something relaxing or something for the adrenaline seekers. We adapt to your needs.

Take a relaxing hiking day in Žabljak to see the most beautiful nature in Montenegro. 

But also this day offers a number of options that your guide can help organize for you:


Zabljak – Canyon Nevidio 
Optional activity – €100 per person

Rafting on the Tara River and horseback riding around Durmitor 
Optional activity €55 per person, lunch included


Via Ferrata and horseback riding around Durmitor 
Optional activity €65 per person

Day 4


Žabljak - Đurđevića Tara Bridge - Biogradska Gora - Savardak -Morača Monastery - Podgorica


We say goodbye to Durmitor national park and start our way back to Podgorica. On our way we visit the monumental Đurđevića Tara bridge that was built over the second deepest canyon in the world - the Tara river canyon. Here we take you to the zip-line that follows the bridge. 


Finishing the activity we head for the Biogradska gora national park that holds hidden in its green embrace the Biograd lake shyly protecting it in the middle of one of the last three large virgin forests in Europe.


 Continuing the journey we make a stop at the Morača Monastery that was founded in the 13th Century. And before we enter the capital we pass the breathtaking Morača river canyon, a splendid combination of nature and humans.

Day 5


Podgorica – Cetinje – Rafailovici - Sv Stefan panorama – Budva – Boka Bay


And it is time to discover the south part of the country. We start our way to the old royal capital Cetinje. Discover the picturesque town with splendid history, visit museums and climb to the Orlov Krš mausoleum to see the royal capital from a different perspective.

We take you to the best panorama point to Sveti Stefan island called Čelobrdo. Take an easy hike to it form the Praskvica monastery, hidden in an olive trees forest. Next on the list is the old town of Budva that is surrounded with Venetian city walls and legends! after the visit of the town we go to the hotel.

Day 6


Boka Bay cruise


A day for complete relaxation and enjoyment. We take you on a sailing cruise around Boka bay. Visit the Our Lady of the Rocks island, find out it history and meaning for the local people, see the baroque town of Perast, sail past the entrance of the bay guarded by old fortresses, before taking a swim in the famous Blue cave.


Extra activity: Via Ferrata and kayak tour from Kotor to Perast 80€ per person

Explore the bay of Kotor from a different side. Climb the Via Ferrata next to the Old town of Kotor and then embark on a kayak exploration of the bay! From the Old Town to the famous baroque town of Perast!

Day 7


Kotor  Njeguši  Lipa cave  Podgorica


It is the last day of the tour and we make it count. In the morning we take a speed boat to the Old town of Kotor. We explore the UNESCO protected heritage site, find out the history of the town, and discover all its secrets and streets! 


We leave Kotor and start taking the panorama Serpentine road drive up to Njeguši. During the drive we are all the time surrounded by the best view on Boka Bay that we sailed the day before.

In Njeguši it is the opportunity to try the famous Njeguš prosciutto and cheese. And for last we take you to the heart of Montenegro before returning to Podgorica. 


Enter the Lipa cave and take a guided tour around it to discover the most beautiful cave in Montenegro.



Bar is a modern city, located on the Montenegrin coast, known for its beautiful climate and nature, olive groves and historical monuments.

Biograd Lake

Explore the Biograd lake, which found its eternal home surrounded by one of the last European primeval rainforests.

Boka Bay

Take a cruise through the southernmost fjord in Europe, known as Boka Bay, with glimmering waters and impressive mountain massifs.


The Old Royal Capital of Cetinje is the essence of Montenegrin culture, where a picturesque setting coexists alongside museums boasting the history and art.

Đurđevića Tara bridge

Appreciate the sights of the monumental Đurđevića Tara Bridge, standing tall and proud over the UNESCO World Heritage site of Durmitor.

Lipa Cave

Explore the Heart of Montenegro, the Lipa Cave, a spectacular underground display of calcified mineral formations. 

Moraca Monastery

Emerging from the Morača river canyon is Morača Monastery, one of MontenegroТs most significant spiritual sites. 


Virpazar, town on three bridges a charming fishing village dating back to the 13th Century located in the picturesque setting of Lake Skadar


Serpentine road to the little village of Njeguši and enjoy a panorama of the Boka Bay. Snack on traditional delicacies of prosciutto, cheese and a local digestif, rakija.

Old Olive

Visit one of the oldest olive trees in Europe, which locals insist you should circle three times for good health. 

Old town Kotor

Stroll through the coastal town of Kotor, with unique Venetian architecture, well-preserved, crisscrossed avenues and stone cobbled squares, churches and palaces.

Ostrog Monastery

Ostrog Monastery, a spiritual Orthodox pilgrimage site and mind-blowing 17th Century church built directly into the vertical cliff face.

Our Lady of the Rock

Combine legends with the historical depth of the island of Our Lady of the Rocks, most famous for the legend of Penelope of Montenegro.


Looking like a chunk of Venice that has floated down the Adriatic and anchored itself onto the Bay of Kotor, Perast hums with melancholy memories of the days when it was rich and powerful. 


Check out the capital Podgorica where you can see the historical Sahat Kula, stroll along the Ribnica River and marvel at the balance between the old and new.

Radević Estate

Radević family estate for an authentic wine tasting experience in a rural setting. Sample some local wines and wash down the flavours of the day with traditional rakija fruit brandy.

Savardak Restaurant

An ethno restaurant that offers an authentic dining experience in rural Montenegro. 

Serpentine road

A winding road that takes 25 hairpin twists and turns from Boka Bay up to the Mount Lovćen that offer breathtaking scenery of the Bay.

Stari Bar

Bar Old Town, famous for its olive production, nestled on a hill away from the sea

Sveti Stefan

Sveti Stefan, a beautiful privatised island and iconic feature of the coastline. Enjoy a guided tour of the islandТs polished pathways. 


Located in the centre of the Bay, the town sits at the foot of the Vrmac hill and boasts the greatest number of sunny days on the Bay

Žabljak Crnojevića

Cruise through the antique town of Zabljak Crnojevica alongside wild horses that gallop across the seamless hills

Žabljak Panorama

Get lost in the pinewood forests of the highest settlement on the Balkan peninsula, coloured in a spectrum of green shades, contrasted by piercing blue skies and proud mountains.