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Montenegro’s hidden Emerald

Cruise Lake Skadar, the largest freshwater lake on the Balkan Peninsula. For the perfect spring pastime, glide along the lilypad waters in a local fisherman’s boat, and absorb the sights of the chestnut forests and ancient ruins. Stop for lunch in a rustic stone cottage, reminiscent of Mediterranean culture – a paradise for nature enthusiasts. Did you know about Montenegro’s own Alcatraz and that the birthplace of spiritual development in Montenegro began on the islands peppered across Skadar Lake? Learn the local lingo from our Nomad specialists. 

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At the confluence of two rivers, in the heart of Crmnica region lies the charming fishing village of Virpazar, which dates back to the 13th Century. Positioned in Lake Skadar itself, the settlement is known as the “the town on three bridges”. Located around 10km from the sea, the hamlet began to gain an urban character when a dock was built in 1905, making this the most important port on the lake. 

Traditionally a market village, the fertile land and favourable climate produces an abundance of wines and olives which locals would sell in addition to grape brandy ‘Loza’ on the local market day, Friday. 



One of Europe’s largest bird reserves and home to more than 270 bird species, among them pelicans, this is the largest lake on the Balkan Peninsula, extending between 370 and 540 km2. Within the dolphin-shaped lake, you can find more than 50 islands, some with old fortresses and monasteries perched on top. It’s a blissfully peaceful area with turquoise waters and floating meadows of waterlilies. Declared a national park in 1983, the region is a picnic basket of the fruits of life, with rosemary, figs, mint and pomegranates growing wild across the fertile terrain – also a great spot for bird watchers. 



A true Nomad’s haven, this is a hidden beach accessible only by boat, positioned in the heart of Lake Skadar. With no electricity, Nomads will find themselves in true harmony with nature. Indulge in the tranquil setting, reflecting ethnic Mediterranean style, with a set of narrow stone stairs leading to the beach. Near the village of Godinje, the complex consists of an underground tavern, a wine cellar, and an old beautiful terrace with a view to the island of Grmozur. 

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