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A guide through the home of Montenegro’s wild beauty – pass the Moraca canyon, sunken deep into the shoulders of the mountains before reaching Moraca Monastery, an oasis to stoppers-by, surrounded by greenery and the sounds of fresh running waters. Depart Moraca on your drive to Tara Canyon, the deepest in Europe, and head into Europe’s oldest primeval rainforest where ancient trees hide magnificent Lake Biograd. Continue down to Zabljak, where nature creates a hue of green to black deep in the waters, a spectacle known locally as the Mountain Eyes of Montenegro – the Black Lake. 


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Take a drive along the scenic roads between gigantic mountain peaks where the Moraca River begins its winding journey through limestone rocks. The 300-400m deep canyon makes for a thrill-seeking drive where the mountains stand proud and strong. Before long, the scenery becomes breathtaking; fresh waters hurry downhill to reach their sanctuary in Lake Skadar, where they come to a halt. The entire journey combines light and darkness, stone and sky landscapes.




You will find the Monastery Moraca along the banks of the canyon – the most important medieval monastery in Montenegro containing accomplished religious art, ancient iconography and 13th Century frescoes depicting powerful expression. The picturesque landscape adds to the serenity of the Monastery grounds, which mimic that of a fairytale wonderland. The building dates back to 1252, belonging to the Nemanjic dynasty.




Located in the continental region, this National Park is made up of ancient forests and green plains, where Nomads can take their pick of fresh-from-the-vine seasonal fruits throughout the spring and summer. A striking 1,094m above sea level, the park reveals the magnificent Lake Biograd, the largest in the region, sitting in the midst of the last remaining primeval forests in Europe. The National Park is home to a diverse species of birds and plants, thought by locals to have healing properties. 




An exceptional work of contemporary architecture, the symbol and indispensable landmark of the Tara River canyon is the grandiose bridge on Djurdjevica Tara. Designed in 1938 by Yugoslav engineer, Mijat Trojanovic, the bridge sits 172m above the Tara River and was, at time of completion, the biggest concrete bridge in all of Europe, offering undoubtedly some of the most spectacular roadside views. 




Nestled at the foot of Medjed (the Bear) peak, which creates an inky shadow over the otherwise immaculate surface of water, the Black Lake is the second largest mountain lake in Montenegro, coloured in a mix of mossy green tones with a pine-lined perimeter. When the snow starts to melt from the mountain peaks, it creates a waterfall, piercing white waters into the murky lake. 


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