Welcome To Nomad Tours Montenegro

Booking your intimate Nomad Adventure


At Nomad, we create bespoke itineraries to accommodate family and private group tours (up to 12 people). 

The perks of our adventures:


- Tours of the most popular destinations and top places to visit in Montenegro


- Private tour packages offering a selection of boutique accommodation options across the country


- Each itinerary is adapted to your group, offering a wide range of activities and weekend getaways 


- It’s all about timing - we do our best to get you off the bus and to your destination 


We are flexible when it comes to additional requests and like to tailor the experience to you:


  • Custom-made itineraries depending on your preferences 
  • Focus on the activities that really tickle your fancy 
  • Flexible accommodation options to meet the needs of 5* hotel lovers and outdoor campers alike
  • Tailored group and team building options
  • Honeymoon and short-break itineraries


Pricing for private tours


Tours are based on 12 people max. per private excursion.

Prices vary depending on the number of people per group, the details of the itinerary and duration of the tour.

For more information, get in touch using this link